I calculate the total arbitrage in the past 7 days following UST/LUNA collapse. Here is what I found: total arbitrage profit: $2,743,624.75 total liquidation volume $29,393,311.42 total liquidation profit $1,469,665.57 Let’s start with Arbitrage total liquidation profit past 7…
*Unstable*Coin is Dead. Long Live *Stable*Coin
Scarlet Saturday: 2 of the most used blockchains Solana and Ethereum became *unusable*
2022 Blockchain of the year
$20m profits from arbitrage in 90 days
What is Magic Counter? The *Magic* Counter supports the following operations all in O(1): Given a data stream of String or Number (key): Increment and…
A Major player in L1 and L2 wars
Current State: Solana currently only has an internal mempool of pending TXs and not external/public. This means MEV opportunities only exist in terms of…
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